Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mudal mudhalil..

This is my first attempt at recording using my new Shure SM58. Finally , no more $3 microphone from Wal-mart. I thought with better microphone I will sound better. But I was wrong. As the microphone gets better, it catches all your abaswaras. That makes me wonder, why did I buy this microphone in the first place. Sure ROCKS. And special thanks to Jo for helping me setup this audio blog and recommending Shure and Cool Edit.

This is what I did:
Since I am using CoolEdit for the first time, I recorded this song without a break and applied echo. Hope I will learn more tricks about this tool very soon.

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Jo said...

Superb!!! Glad to see you with an audioblog. :-) Keep posting more!!!

Ajit said...

Hey.. came here through Jo.
The castpost thing doesn't work sometimes. U can try
U can upload mp3s there..
Yet to listen to ur voice..:-).. It aint playing..:)

Ajit said...

Aah.. It worked finally..:)
Hey.. nice voice!!.. Mebbe u need some help with mixing.. more volume on the vocals possibly.. a little reverb would help.. echo wont work well most of the times..
Keep the songs coming!!..
and.. we share the same sur name..:P

Anand Prabhu said...

nice song..aravind... koncham voice amplitude athigam padithiyirukalaam... a very good effort..keep exploring cool edit could add some more effects and mix well....

this is one of my fav songs...of hariharan...:)

came here from Jo.. blog.. Jo thanks for introducing Aravind..:)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Came from JO.


Keep it coming!

I couldn't listen to it in one stretch thanks to Castpost.! Maybe you should try the trial version of Audioblog to see if that works better!

Liked your voice and your rendering. Nice song too.!

Murali said...


Good effort to sing a complicated song. I say complicated because of the minute sangathis that Hariharan produces in the song through out. I see you have sung a simplified version without losing the soul of the song. Keep up the good work.

.:: Rosh ::. said...

Reached here frm Jo's blog.
Welcome to audioblogging. Only issue i couldnt listen to the song continously. Try, you'll see the difference.

Hope to hear more songs.

Aravind G said...

Jo: Thanks for all your help.

I will try more features soon. I was overwhelmed seeing CoolEdit.(Imagine shifting to CoolEdit from Windows default Sound recorder)...Great to know that we have a common last name.

Anand Prabhu:
Thanks. I did not know how to increase voice amplitude. I will figure it out soon:-)

Narayanan Venkitu:
Thanks for your comments and glad you liked it.

Thanks for your comments. Yes, you are right about simplifying. I did not try too much to get into the details of the song as my intention was to get comfortable with my new mic and CoolEdit. I am very happy that I got this mic. :-)


I will try aduioblog soon.Thanks.

Nyneishia said...

Good job aravind.. :)
Same problem as the rest..wasnt able to listen to it uninteruppted.

Nice singing.. look forward to listening to more..good luck :)

Meera Manohar said...

Appreciate you visiting my blog Aravind...

Thoroughly enjoyed your Mudhal Mudhalil!! You have a very soothing voice...Hope you do get comfortable with Cool Edit soon enough so we can get to see you experimenting more on the song front (-:

cosmicblob said...

Here from Jo's most others :)

You have a pleasing voice
A-dang :) ..Keep 'em coming.

Only, wish you had sung the song without the karaoke - for us to get the essence of your singing - without the loud background noise. Sure you will get a hang of the tool soon :)

Jeevan said...

you have a good voice aravind, looking more songs form u:)

Laughing Buddha said...

....nice pick and very gud singing sir !

arvindh said...

Great voice! Keep it coming!